Tante Minna‘s Laundromat in Kassel


Opening hours:
Mo - Sa 06:00 - 22:00 Uhr


Public transport: Heinrich-Heine-Str. / Universität


Parking: Free parking right in front of the door


Tante Minna‘s Laundromat

At my laundromat in Kassel, clean laundry meets an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing: while my professional machines make your clothes squeaky clean, the comfortable armchairs make your stay enjoyable. So the waiting passes by quickly as you make use of the free high-speed Wifi or browse a good novel. I can also offer coffee and snacks, do you need it.

I know that young people are always in a hurry. That’s why a wash load takes only 38 minutes and in 20 minutes everything is dry again. However, your linens will be squeaky clean since the machines am using are specially designed for this purpose. At the same time, my appliances are more hygienic than your usual household appliance, because your clothes only comes in contact with glass, stainless steel and water. As a good aunt, I always have a lot of detergent and fabric softener in the house, but you can bring yours as well.

By the way, if you don't want to wait, you can easily drop your linens with me-and have it washed and ironed the next day. Follow me on Facebook and you'll know when my ironing service is open.

Wäsche waschen in Kassel


My high-quality machines washes not only your clothes at a lower cost, but also very fast. Even kitchen linen is ready in less than 38 minutes!

Wäsche Trocknen in Kassel


Of course, you can dry your clothes directly with me. It's not only quick, but much more effective than with a household dryer!

kostenloses WLAN in Kassel


For your waiting time to run as in the quick wash cycle, you can use our high-speed Wifi network. Have fun!

Waschsalon mit Wohlfühlatmosphäre


Your comfort is of great importance to me. That's why there are many comfortable armchairs for relaxation.

Große Teile Waschen in Kassel

XXL Wash

Do you have a lot of linens/laundry or do you want to clean large parts? No problem! My two XXL machines have a capacity of up to 14 kg.

coming soon Bügelservice Kassel

Ironing Service

Don’t you want to do your laundry, to dry and iron it yourself? No problem! Give it to me and get it ready for the next day!



If you’re hungry in the meantime, you can find various snacks here. In the near future, it will be possible to offer you some coffee!

Wäscheservice für Unternehmen in Kassel


I will equally be happy to help your company with the bulky linens/laundry, whether medical cabinets, restaurants or a guesthouse. Please contact me here.

Business Hours

My door is (almost) always open! From Monday to Saturday, my laundry is open from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Sundays and public holidays, I have a break, rest is needed! The door closes at 9:30 p.m. So that I can go to bed on time.

Monday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr
Tuesday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr
Wednesday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr
Thursday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr
Friday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr
Saturday 06:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr

Location & Directives

You will find my salon 34121 at Frankfurter str. 73, Kassel

Are you coming by public transport? Then you'd better get off at the “Heinrich-Heine-Str./University stop. There, stops tram 5, 6 and RT5. You can equally take Bus 500. From there, just walk about 150m towards the “Weinberg”. Do you think it’s okay? Of course you can also get out at the “Weinberg” stop, but it’s about 400m by foot.

If you come by car, you can park free of charge in front of the door. If you’re on the way to the city center, you can just drive to the right, there are many free parking spaces and always somehow free. On the opposite side, is a long parking strip where you can park your car without parking fees.


Drying Washing XXL Washing
Only 10 minutes Only 38 minutes Only 38 minutes
14kg load volume 7kg load volume 14 Kg load volume
1,50€ From 3,00€ From 8,00€

Washing powder - 0,50€
Fabric softener - 0,50€

“Do you want to save money? Visit me from Tuesday to Thursday and receive a €0.50 discount on all washes!”

Do you come here quite often? Get a 10% discount on all prices with a loyalty card that you can get at our central check-out.


“At my laundromat in Kassel, I have professional machines and dryers which are highly efficient, durable and with a good customer service“. Your linen/laundry comes exclusively in contact with water, stainless steel and glass.

My washing machines always rinse your laundry intensely so that everything is squeaky-clean. At the same time, My Mother’s Nature is so dear to me. My machines should last for a long time and save resources. For this reason, I have made sure that only high-quality parts are installed in my washing machines and dryers.

I heat the water for the washing machines centrally in a cauldron in the basement. This saves energy if the water doesn’t have to be heated individually for each washing machine. Even my dryers consumes much less energy compared to a household dryer that you may know from home.

Of course, I regularly clean my washing machines and dryers for you, hygiene is extremely important to me.

Frequently asked questions

Washing clothes: You first select on my central check-out on the screen "WASHING". In the next step, you choose the washing machine. Then you click on the desired wash program and press "BUY". Now you pay the indicated price in cash or with your customer card, if you’re already a member. All you need to do is load the selected washing machine and press the start button on the machine. Let's go, in my laundromat, I’ve also hooked up a panel for your safety, where you can see exactly how everything works.

Drying of the linens: You first select in my central check-out on the screen and select “Drying". In the second step, you choose the dryer. Then, you select the desired drying time on the screen and now press “Buy ". Now, you pay the indicated price in cash or with your customer card, if you are already a member. All you have to do is load the selected dryer and press the dryer’s Start button. Let's go, in my laundromat, I’ve also hooked up a panel for your safety, where you can read exactly how everything works.

  • Cleaning rags and plaster lobes
  • Cat, horse and dogs’ blankets
  • Persian rugs and other large carpets

Of course. Tante Minna follows the rhythm. So, it’s very clear to me that nowadays, young people want fast Internet. I offer you this and free of charge.

You can park right in front of my store. It's always free at Tante Minna. You can pick up the parts for washing and drying with me.

Yes, you can bring your own detergent. Nevertheless, I recommend the Tante Minna’s absorbent detergent and my unique fabric softener. I specially adapted them to my washing machines and dosed them for you.


Address: // Waschsalon Tante Minna Frankfurter Str. 73, 34121 Kassel
Phone: // 0561 50332710